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A Tale of Exile

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Audience Response

  1. A Lesson from the Book of Mama:
    A Lesson in Giving
  2. Kenya and The Mantle of the First-Born
  3. The Rise of Generation A
  5. Bloodsweats of Gethsemane
  6. The Roof Builders:
    Kenya Women in Nation Building
  7. The 4th Lesson From the Book of Mama:
    A Lesson in Academia
  8. The African and the Brother Man
  9. Boycott the Success Card!
  10. Lessons from the Fountain of Fatherhood
  11. We Who Believe
  12. A Lesson from the Book of Ma and Pa
  13. A Lesson from the Book of Mama:
    A Lesson in Directing
  14. Lessons from the Fountains of Fatherhood
    A Lesson in the Counter-Clockwise "O"

The Thotlines genre arose from failed attempts to keep a journal. Around 1994, my journal entries begun to take on the shape of lengthy analytical commentary on issues ranging from politics to relationships. These entries slowly became essays written with the stream of consciousness style characteristic of journaling, with story, mainly biographical, as the backbone of the genre.

I submit that my love of Fyodor Dostoevsky's works, mostly read in the early 90's did have a key influence in the evolution of the thotlines genre, especially the writer's use of stream of consciousness writing in Notes from Underground. It helped evolve my failure to journal into a personal innovative genre. However, in a conscious effort to keep the delivery of my own thoughts simple and entertaining, the works in the thotlines genre, I believe, retain a simple narrative technique and the almost journalistic thrust of an opinion piece. Perhaps the genre shall evolve more; perhaps not.

Mkawasi Mcharo Hall

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