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  Speakers is Balozi's way to mastering the art of communication. A must for public speakers, corporate leaders, organization spokespersons and any personal situation that calls for confident and articulate communication.

  Through stimulating performing arts techniques Speakers professionally trained Instructors will train you to master the three tools of an effective communicator: your creative mind, body language and voice.

  Change your world with Speakers, a Master's way to communicating with conviction.

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Speakers 6-Session Immersion Course

Saturday 1-2:30pm NAWA room

Upon completion, a client receives a certificate and a letter of recommendation.

Private instruction available on request.

Information provided will remain private

BALOZI Productions acting classes Washington DC

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 Speakers sessions include:

  • Role Playing
  • Quintilian theory
  • Voice Skills: Articulation, Enunciation, Projection
  • Use of Comedy Techniques
  • Relaxation Techniques
  • Enhancing Memorization Skills
  • Study of Great Speeches

Special Spring Rates
$30 per 90-min session
(normal rates $36)
6-session course

Reeves Center
2000 14th St NW
Washington, DC

Speakers caters to:
corporate clients, students, actors, public figures, teachers/instructors, and anyone interested in gaining confidence to communicate with an audience of one or more.

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