A Play Written by Mkawasi Mcharo Hall
An adaptation of the blog, Nairobi Nights, by Sue Maisha

– a tale of human ambition, fierce and inspiring –

Sue, a young college graduate prostitute in Nairobi, is her own boss, moving up and living it up. She conquers the cheap and brutal backyard brothels to stake her territory on the high-end Koinange street (K street). Suddenly, she's hit with an influx of new competition, younger girls who remind her that her product is aging and its value is depreciating. She hatches a plan to build her brand. It's simple and smart, until it hurls her furiously towards a collision with human emotions all together unfamiliar, awful and soaring.

"You're the most driven, shrewd and impulsive alley cat I've ever known. What the hell am I still doing with you?"

"You like being devoured. Love is a brick wall in my way, and I will tear you down. Darling, leave while you still can."

– a note on adaptation –

The playwright create new scenes, conflicts and characters, but retains key narratives from the original work. By and large, Sue in the play takes off where Sue in the blog leaves off.

Balozi Productions Inc (c) 2011